A Wonderful Amazing Lawyer

Rob is invaluable while helping us through a difficult time. After my fiancé was involved in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident and suffered a leg amputation, we didn’t know which end was up. We were in the midst of dealing with doctors, medical bills and of course the overwhelming feelings involved in not knowing whether my fiancé would be the person he could have been. Rob walked us through the process and made it easy. He’s incredibly responsive and continuously takes the time out of his day to come to our home, rather than making us come to him. He listens to our questions and comments and always responds in a way that is clear to understand no matter how trivial. We truly believe that he is someone that supports us 100% and now have the ability to focus solely on spending time together as a family.

Best wishes.

B & A Pereira

Mr. and Mrs. Guizzo

I had a very bad accident at my place of work. I was on a break at the time. A person had stolen groceries from the Metro store. The manager tried to stop him and I unfortunately got run over with his truck. I was hurt very badly and my husband did not know if I was going to live.
My husband got in touch with the law firm of Hilborn and Konduros where he spoke to a lawyer named Rob Konduros.
Mr. Konduros is and always will be a very compassionate person. For all he has done for us we are so grateful. We are blessed to have such a wonderful and compassionate individual on our side. He continues to fight for us and we believe in him.

I highly recommend this Law Firm as they will fight for the rights of any individual.

Best Regards.

Mr. and Mrs. Guizzo