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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Looking for a real estate lawyer in Cambridge, Ontario who knows real estate law? Hilborn & Konduros law firm can help you. Tim J Hilborn has been practicing real estate law since 1979. Our 33 years experience has provided people like you with expert advise ensuring that your closing deal will be completed professionally.

Canadian home buyers don’t bring in a lawyer until a deal is done. We sign the real estate contract, then take our purchase agreement to a lawyer who does a title search, registers the deed and handles the transfer of funds. We know we need a lawyer to do this but no one wants to spend any more on legal fees than they have to, right?

Hiring the right lawyer, early in the home-buying process, can actually save you time, risk and most importantly, money. We at Hilborn & Konduros law firm know our real estate law and can help you all through the process. Real estate law can be tricky for home buyers and shouldn’t be taken lightly when making one of the biggest purchases of your life.

  • Purchases, Sales, Transfers of Title and Refinancing
  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale review
  • Title Insurance recommended to control costs and provide peace of mind
  • Electronic Registration for greater efficiency and timely closing
  • Electronic Funds Transfer for faster, more secure closings
  • Full disclosure of costs up front, including Land Transfer Tax, disbursements and legal fees
  • Refund of Land Transfer Tax for first-time home buyers
  • Clear and open explanation of all documents and amounts